Best IELTS Training Centre Trivandrum,  Kerala

Stretch no further if you wanna score high in IELTS test as we have minified the four different IELTS modules to suit the varied learning styles of IELTS test takers. Take ielts effortlessly with the best ielts coaching centre in Trivandrum, Kerala. At Camford Academy, you can experience the mastery of how to approach each ielts module. Camford IELTS Training Center in Trivandrum reiterates its claim for the top ielts coaching class in Kerala, India with following features.

1) Specially prepared IELTS Essays and Speaking Modules

2) The largest ratio of success in  ielts results each year not only in Kerala but in India.

3) Cambridge University, UK trained faculty Mr.Netto with CELTA and M.Phil and B.Ed in English Language Teaching.

4) Weekly ielts mock tests in a simulated test atmosphere

5) Seperate hostel facilities for both girls and boys

6) Individual Attention and Flexible Timings

IELTS coaching institute / training centre in Trivandrum and Camford Academy (Kerala, India) have become synonymous. IELTS coaching class by Camford is rated the best of most other ielts coaching centres in Trivandrum, Kerala as IELTS training is handled innovatively in tandem with the ever-changing teaching methods in English language. As a result, Camford's IELTS has been recognized as the most efficacious in India. An enormous number of IELTS aspirants coming down to Camfod from different parts of India are an epitome for the relentless commitment shown by us. What more ! IELTS training programme has been devised so as to suit students from various backgrounds. Our cautious approach in its coaching makes it easier as it covers all four skills in English like listening, writing, reading and speaking. As a matter of fact,despite the mushrooming of many IELTS centres, Coaching for IELTS (UKVI) classes is skillfully handled at our institute Camford Academy in Trivandrum, Kerala (India). As fixed strategies and patterns for IELTS test that most IELTS centres practice fail students, Camford, being the top rated, introduces and varies unique tips to pass the ielts test. Camford IELTS has become the most trusted brand in IELTS sector in Kerala, India.

Camford Academy is the only IELTS coaching centre in Trivandrum, Kerala with the most number of 7 & Above Results in IELTS in India. IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is jointly owned by Cambridge University, British Council and IDP Australia. It is a globally accepted English Language test. A band of IELTS 5.5 and above is accepted towards the academic purpose and 7 and above for immigration purpose in the English Speaking countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Our name has become a synonym for IELTS in Trivandrum. The four modules Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking are handled efficiently keeping in mind its unique features and differences. The difficulty level of each module differs from one another and so do the teaching methods. Hence the IELTS trainers are expected to be more talented and experienced. Keeping in mind its heterogeneous features, we have deployed Cambridge University trained IELTS trainers. We are the only institute of this kind in Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala. Camford is a cutting edge for IELTS aspirants.

Modules of IELTS Exam


Reading module 60 minutes , 3 passages and 40 questions with its difficult level varying .

Listening module has 30 minutes, 4 sections and 40 questions.

Writing module has 2 tasks – Task one 20 minutes and Task two 40 minutes

Speaking module lasts between 10-15 minutes with 3 tasks.

Difference between IELTS Academic and General General module is used for work and immigration and Academic module for higher studies. Both the exams have very little structural difference in between.

Class Timings :

Morning Batch                            Days’ Batch (Regular)      Evening Batch                    Week-end Batch

7 am – 9 am (Mon – Fri)            10 am – 5 pm Mon - Fri    5 pm - 7 pm (Mon - Fri)      10 am – 5 pm (Sat & Sun)

Course Fee for first month Rs 7500/- Second Month Fee Rs 2000/- (if you want to continue only.)

NB: No other fees to pay if you continue more than two months as some IELTS test takers need more than two months of IELTS preparation.

Crash Course ONE WEEK Rs 5000/-

Crash Course TWO WEEK Rs 6500/-

Call us on +91 9847126246

ONLINE IELTS COACHING CAMFORD ACADEMY has now made IELTS ONLINE TRAINING CLASSES operational after persistent demands for the same from various parts of the globe. Camford's specially prepared essays and speaking modules are a stand-out rarity and unparallel to all our competents in the industry. For online class timings and fees structure, please feel free to ring us on +91 9847126246.







As vocabulary contribute a larger part of IELTS essays and speaking, solve the following to improve your score.


Complete these sentences using an appropriate word or expression from above and your own ideas.


Unless, as long as, wherever, no matter how, however many, providing that, on condition that

British universities will accept students from abroad___________________

Working for a large company can be a fulfilling experience_____________________.

Most banks are happy to lend customers money___________________.

The government will reduce income tax ____________________

The environmental situation will continue to worsen_________________.