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Camford has become the best and the most trusted UK study consultancy despite the presence of many such study in UK agencies in Trivandrum, Kerala (India). Study UK has time and again turned out to be a fruitful practice for students from various states in India. Not to mention that the students from Kerala have vastly cashed in on this overseas education. As a UK Education / Study agent, Camford has invariably discharged its duties with utmost commitment.

Besides UK being the trend setter in overseas education for ages, it still retains its position as the champion of education. UK’s relentless pursuit for innovative strategies in pedagogical refinement has been widely appreciated by its competitors. UK education is very much celebrated for its ultra sophisticated educational infrastructure.

Hence, in the above context, studying in the UK offers a fabulous prospect for students from different ethnic traditions especially for those from Asian countries such as India, China, Srilanka, Pakistan etc… The fact that the UK respects the cultural heterogeneity of different nationality students is a broad daylight fact. A student is entitled to unreservedly travel to England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales by being sanctioned a student visa to the UK. The country heralds the freedom of speech unchained by any religiosity. Therefore, studying in UK provides you with money-spinning line of business. UK study is a sure bet that one does not need to be averse to trying it out.

Courses on Demand in the UK

A wide range of courses for various levels of education like

  • Ph.D, M.Phil
  • Post Graduation, Under-graduation
  • Degree Foundation, Post Graduate Diploma
  • Graduate Diploma
  • are available with various universities and other educational institutions in the UK.
  • However, the particular course of one’s choice can be chosen based on a student’s inclination that he should find it as the most prolific in his future. So, some similar courses to mention are as follows.
  • Masters in Medicine and Dentistry
  • MBA / MA & BA / BBA: Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Hospitality, Hospital Administration and Health Care Administration etc
  • PG and UG Engineering : Machatronics, Accoustics / Sound Engineering, Mechanical, Information Technology, Computer Hardware and Networking, Graphics and Designing etc

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From Director's Desk

camford-directorNetto C CELTA(Cambridge University) M.Phil English B.Ed M.A. Eng M.A. Sociology

We are happy to introduce a bunch of talented English language trainers in the capital city of Kerala, india. We understand that this is the high time that we changed the age-old traditional language teaching techniques. Camford Academy practices the innovative teaching methods and techniques introduced and widely used by Cambridge University, UK. Camford Academy is one of the rarest institutes in India to have employed Cambridge University trained English language trainers. Camford Academy is a pioneer in using modern tips to make Communicative English and IELTS training learner-friendly.

Advantages of studying in the UK


The education in the UK is internationally accepted so that one can easily find a wider market around the world for the same. Besides, by being exposed to cultural diversity, a student get a platform to develop the nuances of a universal citizen. On top of that, it throws a wonderful chance to master King’s English. In the end, a well defined life style is on the cards.

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