Online IELTS Coaching Classes in Kerala, India

Camford Academy has proudly been holding the tag 'best IELTS online coaching in Kerala' for more than a decade now. Camford's specially created online IELTS strategies put Camford Online IELTS coaching Kerala ahead of all other online ielts training institutes in India.
Camford Academy for sure leads the block with the impeccable training provided for online IELTS. What sets Camford Academy’s online IELTS classes in Kerala more preferable to the rest in India is how we deliver each IELTS module like IELTS Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. Online IELTS Training is as effective as class room coaching at Camford Academy. The one on one live video IELTS online program at Camford ensures that each student who enrolls into Camford online IELTS study get a personal IELTS trainer who teaches, monitors and mentors IELTS aspirants into scoring high in their IELTS test. With uniquely designed IELTS materials and more than 12 years of IELTS teaching expertise, online IELTS coaching at Camford will surely meet your expectations.

Distance is no longer a constrain to crack your IELTS test with Camford Online IELTS training class being live now. As IELTS exams are frequently conducted in almost every cities across the world, live video online IELTS is trending now. The COVID 19 pandemic has forced many IELTS centres not only in India but also around the globe to shift to online live video platform. No matter where you are, be safe and take Camford live video IELTS online coaching to reach your destination. Online IELTS study is no less popular than offline course. Thanks to the faster internet and faultless video calling platforms like Skype and Whatsup.


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Best Online IELTS Training Class in Kerala

  • Camford Online IELTS Strategies
  • Introduction – different parameters of IELTS and how it influences the awarding of different band scores.
  • Assessing students’ English language competency
  • Areas of improvements are identified.
  • Remedial measures are taken.
  • Additional practice sessions in all four modules – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking
  • Daily mock test and evaluation

Why choose online IELTS in India by Camford Academy

The advantages of studying online IELTS with Camford

  • Being the best online IELTS coaching in India, Camford online IELTS Kerala gives you unmatchable strategies to score high bands in your IELTS tests.
  • Each student is assigned with a personal trainer to give you unwavering attention on each module.
  • One on one attention / individual focus prepares you to crack the IELTS test without much effort.
  • Vast IELTS study materials increase the chances of scoring high in the IELTS exam.
  • Flexi timings from 7 am to 11 pm give you more options without affecting your schedules.
  • Both writing and speaking modules are given more importance as many IELTS takers consider these tougher than both reading and listening modules.
  • Frequent discussions on reading as well as listening subtest
  • Everyday correction and feedback makes your IELTS exam a cakewalk.
  • Camford Academy has the highest success ratio in Kerala as well as in India.
  • No IELTS coaching centre in India can register as many IELTS 7+ band scores as we do.

Best Online IELTS Training Class in Kerala

From Director's Desk

camford-directorNetto C CELTA(Cambridge University) M.Phil English B.Ed M.A. Eng M.A. Sociology

We are happy to introduce a bunch of talented English language trainers in the capital city of Kerala, india. We understand that this is the high time that we changed the age-old traditional language teaching techniques. Camford Academy practices the innovative teaching methods and techniques introduced and widely used by Cambridge University, UK. Camford Academy is one of the rarest institutes in India to have employed Cambridge University trained English language trainers. Camford Academy is a pioneer in using modern tips to make Communicative English and IELTS training learner-friendly.

Who can join Camford Online IELTS Coaching?

Even though anybody who wishes to sit in IELTS test can opt for Camford Academy online IELTS training, it is generally taken by those who cannot join Camford Academy’s offline classes conducted at our business office address. People from different parts of the world, especially Indians who have temporarily settled down in any of the English speaking countries and Gulf / Arabian cuntries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain widely utilize the facility of Camford Online IELTS Coaching and not to exclude the different professionals from within Indians states like Kerala, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Jammu Kashmir, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Assam, Sikkim, Nagaland, Orissa, Jharkhand, Uttarkhand, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Telengana, Andhra Pradesh and Goa. The professionals who are ought to work in multiple shifts seven days a week, may find it too inconvenient to go for Camford’s class room IELTS coaching. For them, Camford Academy’s online study is an unavoidable option. Online IELTS course has gained more steam these days because of its flexibility. It gives wonderful option of choosing the time for the training at the convenience of learners. The benefit is that it does not disrupt the work schedules. In other words, online IELTS coaching is a blessing as it does not respect the distance. So, no matter where you are, Camford online IELTS training helps you materialize your dream of scoring high in your IELTS test. As the society we live in evolves over time, so does the nature of coaching and its delivery. With the introduction of internet and its associated apparatuses, the scope of educational training today is not what it used to be a decade ago. Today, everyone is a beneficiary of the changing trends and hence is the popularity of IELTS online study now.

Modes of IELTS tests

IELTS Computer Delivered Test, IELTS Paper Based Test, IELTS Indicator & UKVI Life Skills Test

1. The latest addition to the block from the IELTS wing is the inclusion of IELTS Indicator test just for the academic purposes and not for work permit and nor for immigration purposes. This test is delivered online with the results published in 5 days. As this test has been introduced at the backdrop of COVID 19 pandemic, it may not be in action once the pandemic settles down.

2. The UKVI Life Skill IELTS test has been around for a while now. It is used for the TIER 1, TIER 2 and TIER 3 UK dependent visa applications that facilitate the spouses of the UK settled persons to join their partners. Unlike the other tests, UKVI Life Skill IELTS tests only Speaking and Listening ability of a candidate.

3. However, the most widely used and accepted test is IELTS Paper Based Test for every purposes: study, work and immigration.

4. IELTS Computer Delivered Test, relatively a new addition, is no different from the conventional IELTS Paper Based Test. However, it is available only at a select centres in each state in India.

Upcoming Exams

IELTS News in India As British Council IELTS in India has been taken over by IDP, all the IELTS tests are conducted by the latter only with effect from July 7th, 2021.

IDP IELTS Exam dates for the year 2024

* Please contact us for registering your IELTS exams or visit
IELTS Exam Type Exam Dates in Year 2024 Rate
Academic January 6131827 INR 16250
Academic February 381724 INR 16250
Academic March 91623 INR 16250
General January 1327 INR 16250
General February 0317 INR 16250
General March 0923 1INR 16250
Exam Type IELTS Exam Dates in Year 2024 Rate
Academic January 6131827 INR 16250
Academic February 381724 INR 16250
Academic March 91623 INR 16250
General January 1327 INR 16250
General February 0317 INR 16250
General March 0923 1INR 16250
Exam Type IELTS Exam Dates in 2024 Rate
Academic January 6131827 INR 16250
Academic February 381724 INR 16250
Academic March 91623 INR 16250
General January 1327 INR 16250
General February 0317 INR 16250
General March 0923 1INR 16250
Ernakulam / Kochi
Exam Type IELTS Exam Dates in 2024 Rate
Academic January 6131827 INR 16250
Academic February 381724 INR 16250
Academic March 91623 INR 16250
General January 1327 INR 16250
General February 0317 INR 16250
General March 0923 1INR 16250
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • What is the duration of online IELTS coaching?

    We offer three different types of courses: one month, 2 weeks and one week. The period of study that you prefer should be in conjunction with your proficiency in English language.

    What are IELTS course fees?

    The fees for the IELTS exam vary from one country to another due to the change in the currency value. However, in India, the IELTS exam registration fees have been hiked to INR 14000 from INR 13250 probably due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Seemingly, post the pandemic, the fees could be reversed to INR 13500.

    For IELTS coaching classes, different institutes follow different prices starting from INR 5000.

    Which centre is best for IELTS exam?

    There is no such centre that can be considered as the best for IELTS exam because it only tests your language efficiency. So, no matter which centre you take the exam from, the marking will be unique. Unlike many other exams, IELTS test follows a standardized marking pattern that has been well defined by the Cambridge University. Besides, both the British Council and IDP have well trained pool of examiners who are rotated periodically pan-India.

    Is it necessary to join IELTS coaching?

    It is highly advisable because IELTS test has a different pattern of marking. Joining IELTS coaching will be beneficial as it will boost up your confidence and hence you can save lots of time that might otherwise be spent on resitting for the test.

    Can I pass IELTS without coaching?

    Yes, you can provided you have required skills in Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. As IELTS exam does not have any syllabus and tests only how proficient you are in English language, coaching is only an add-on.

    How can I choose the best centre for my online IELTS test preparation?

    ‘A student is no better than a teacher’ goes the famous adage. As there are a huge number of online IELTS coaching providers around us, consider a few factors - previous students’ IELTS results / certificates like the ones you may find on the page here; the videos of high scorers like the ones on the Youtube channel here and finally, the reviews from your friends and on google.

    Is IELTS easy in Kerala?

    It is as easy in India as in any other countries. As IELTS marking is universally standardized, change in region would not influence it.

    How long is my IELTS certificate valid?

    Your IELTS score card will be valid only for 2 years from the date of issue.

    Will following templates for IELTS essays and Speaking help me score high in my IELTS test?

    Never. A template of essay or speaking may work well with an examiner if he or she values it for the first time. However, if she / he gets to mark the same second time, your chance of scoring high in the test will be very less. Nevertheless, it might affect your scoring dangerously because it is treated as plagiarism. Remember, IELTS examiners are more trained and smarter than us so that they can easily understand such contents.

    What platforms are used for online IELTS classes?

    Camford Academy uses different platforms like Skype, Whatsup Video Call, VIber Video Call, IMO, Telegram and Gmeet.

    Can I get flexi timings for my online IELTS class at Camford Academy?

    Yes. You can choose any time between 7.30 am and 11 pm Indian Time.

    Can I take IELTS exam online?

    IELTS online exams are not available at the moment. Two types of IELTS exams are conducted: Computer Delivered IELTS Exam and Pen and Paper Exam.

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